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Welcome all to the "Grave Robbers Guild Website!" This site will be used for all our Guild members to connect and see information that is not otherwise specified in the game itself.

Guild Masters Name To Contact For Help: Moroni 

Lets start off by going over our Guild Rules and what our Guild is about.

Grave Robbers Guild Rules

First and foremost, we want this Guild to be known as being respectful, sincere, helpful, clean, and most of all FUN!  So please do not come into this Group thinking it's ok to have fowl mouthed language, perverted obsenities, talk of drugs, or being rude to others.  Anybody that tries any of these things will be Demoted, or Removed from the Guild.  Next, is playing well with others.  We understand there are serious gamers out there, but please remember, you too once started out as what wow players usually refer to as a "Noob".  Therefore, no one deserves to be called names, or put down because of there playing in any way.  Another aspect of this is while you might be playing a dungeon with some of the other Guild members and you start fighting over the loot.  Please do not let this happen.  Try to figure out some way of sharing with each other.  I know wow has the group loot option to try and make this problem easier, but it does happen, and we want to try and not let it happen at all.  Once more, please remember, just be kind and learn to play well with others.  That should be about it for now.  Once again, we welcome you with open arms to the "Grave Robbers Guild!" Thanks everyone!

Guild Ranking system from bottom to top:

1. Floater - This rank is the lowest of the Guild.  You will not start out as a Floater when you join this Guild.  But if you are causing trouble or other members of the Guild are complaing about you, then you will be Demoted to this rank or possibly removed from the Guild.  As a Floater, you're only allowed to see what other members of the Guild say, but you will not be able to chat back.

2. Apprentice - This is your starting rank when you join the Guild.  As an Apprentice, you're allowed to see what the other members of the Guild are saying, and also chat back to them.  You're also able to repair your items through the Guilds Vault money, and deposit money or items in the Guilds Vault.  However, you cannot withdraw items or money from the vault with this rank.  If you would like some money or items from the vault, then please get ahold of me, or other members with the rank of "Mortician".

3. Embalmer - With this rank, you're again allowed to see and chat with other members of the Guild. You're also able to invite other members to our Guild.  You're able to repair your items through the Guilds Vault money, and also deposit money or items.  But again, you're not allowed to withdraw any items or money without consulting myself or other members with the higher rank of "Mortician".   

4. Mortician - This is the highest rank you can achieve in our Guild.  You're allowed to see and chat with other members, repair items with the Guilds Vault money, invite other members, demote other members, remove other members, create Guild events, deposit items or money into the Vault, and withdraw items and money from the Vault.  This rank is given to the upmost trustworthy members.  

Guild Tabard:

Our Guild Tabard is available for purchuse for 85 silver from a Guild Vendor.  Please support our Guild by purchasing our tabard and wearing it proudly so everyone knows who we are! :) For those of you who are new to the game and short on money, please contact myself or one of the Morticians and we'll help you out. 

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Other Guild News

Guild Halloween Contest!

stixdrumr, Oct 8, 10 6:03 PM.
Trick or Treat?! It's the month of Halloween, and the contest for the best costume is on! What are you going as? Let me know! Myself and the Morticians will decide the best said costume! 1st place gets 15 Gold, 2nd place gets 10 gold, and 3rd place gets 5 gold! Please make sure and be honest everyone! And HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!
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